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Relaxation Rescue-Online Mini-Course

Learn to Find your Peace

Course opens November 4, 2019

Musician’s Way Yoga: Inside Out Formula—5 Steps to Musical Mastery

This online course will energize your mind, body, and breath to create peak performance.
January 2020


Musician’s Way Yoga: Building a Home Practice

January 2021
8 week online course

Musicians and music educators are at the foreground of providing a vital service to the world; all art attempts to make meaning out of our existence, reaches for that which is beyond “everyday” experience, provides joy and entertainment that is vital to our humanness, and is also a force of social justice in turbulent times.

Every artist and teacher has a responsibility to keep their primary instrument, their body and mind, in tip-top shape so they can create and instruct with clarity and ease. This program will give you everything you need to start a home practice, demystifying the process and making it simple to follow.

Topics Covered

Musician’s Way Hatha Yoga: Learn movements that dissolve tension, promote ease, build strength, and improve concentration.Learn to adapt the yoga positions for your body and experience level.

Musician’s Way Relaxation: Twenty minutes of yoga nidra, deep relaxation, is equivalent to two hours of sleep. It’s better than a nap and priceless for nights you just can’t fall back asleep. Learn this health and sanity saving practice and uncover your personal potential.

Set your space: Dive into the most common excuses, real barriers, and limited thinking patterns that block us from dedicating time to our peace and health. Learn how to easily and simply set up a space that supports you and your new practice.

Holistic approach: In addition to physical practice, this course will teach you the fundamentals of a holistic perspective on the ancient practice of yoga. You’ll get short sampler lectures on different branches of yoga so you can see what you like and make choices for study as you continue on your yoga path. 

Musician’s Way Meditation: Guided meditations and talks full of useful tips will get you well grounded in this vital practice which has been scientifically proven to boost cognition, creativity, and happiness.

Musician’s Way Yoga in Your Life: Study the earliest yoga texts that gives common wisdom for how to move through our everyday lives with ease and peace. Four thousand years of behavioral observation by yoga practitioners have proven that these simple concepts can radically change how you interact with the world; enhancing your peace and creativity.