It's the Little Things...

It’s snowing here again in Massachusetts! After a major blizzard last week we find ourselves with schools closed again as the snow streams down in windy blasts.

In between clearing my car and driveway of snow and taking snowshoe walks with my dogs, I’ve been contemplating the richness of life inside my cozy cottage. My yoga practice is keeping my body easeful, even with all of the shoveling! Gallons of hot tea with raw local honey is a lovely humectant soother that is helps my tissues stay hydrated in the dry, cold air. It seems that these small acts of beauty are nurturing me on a deep level. Life seems to be about the beautiful little things, these small acts of beauty and bravery in the face of our own resistance that fill us, mount and gather, giving richness to our days.

Notice and cultivate small acts of beauty, these nurture your creative spirit and bring light to your days.

Can you find my garden Buddha after the blizzard?

Can you find my garden Buddha after the blizzard?


Here's two little things that nurture me:

  • Ayurnas-I use this natural oil treatment to help soothe my dry nose. It’s great for cold or allergy sufferers. It’s a lovely oil infused with natural eucalyptus, rose, sandalwood and other botanical extracts. One of my students calls it “Miss Gita’s Magic Oil”. I can’t take the credit, but you can read more about it by clicking here.


  • The most relaxing song ever. I’m a music therapist, and quite picky about the music I listen to and play for my students. This song is a winner, each time I use it in a yoga class scads of people come up to me and ask about it. I play it at night as I’m preparing for bed, or during a yoga practice at home. Click here to listen. It’s also available on iTunes

Whether you are working on a big project at work, taking care of a family member or taking care of daily chores, small acts of nourishment can remind you of your happy and peaceful nature.

How about you-is there one small and lovely thing you can do for yourself today? 

Om Shanthi Om,