Benefits of Yoga for the Special Child

Helping Children Express True Peace and Happiness. 

Want more peace and happiness for you or your loved one? Discover the benefits of Yoga for the Special Child®.

Our classes include:

Chanting: Music helps children develop concentration in a fun and relaxed setting. It also improves breathing awareness and capacity. It’s also a great opportunity to explore oral motor skills and stimulates neurological development through pattern recognition. Music also provides social interaction. And students who are preverbal can find expression and connection during our chanting.

Breathing practices: Our breathing exercises help students develop breath awareness, cleans the sinuses, deepens the breath and can improve breath capacity. We also teach a variety of calming breaths that are useful to calm the nervous system and improve concentration.

Yoga Poses: Our poses, called asana, have many physical and mental benefits. Asana build strength, encourage body awareness, improve flexibility and motor planning. They also help students discover natural and easy posture that helps them move more easily and discover a natural and healthy breathing pattern.

Deep relaxation: A lovely chance for resting where student’s learn how to relax mental and physical tension. We use songs and body awareness to guide each student to a deep experience of peace and ease.

We lovingly call our classes “playful serious”. We have fun while we develop concentration and focus so that students learn to use yoga for themselves, both on and off the mat. If you’ve ever wanted your loved one to learn how to modulate their emotions, stress, or just learn some coping techniques, Yoga for the Special Child® is for you!