Plant It to Manifest It!

Use the symbolic power of nature to help you manifest your dreams by physically solidifying your power through action.

Are you starting a new project? Plant something new in your garden, or buy a houseplant. This sends a powerful signal, to yourself and the Universe, that you trust in the success of your new venture, and intend to nourish it along it’s way.

Are you stuck with current project or relationship that needs changing, even if you aren’t sure what the change should be? Replant a houseplant in fresh soil, give it some fertilizer, give it a gorgeous new pot, trim the dead wood away. See the subtle message you’re sending here? You are signaling your intent to make small but necessary changes to affect new growth. Admiration of your efforts with plants will give you that, “Yes, I can!” feeling, which can easily spill into other aspects of your life.

Do you feel too ‘busy’, in mind or life? Try dusting a plant, or changing it’s location in the room. If you have a garden, weed! It’s great physical work, and will honor your intention of clearing mental space through physical action. Oh, the satisfaction of a shiny plant or cleared garden patch! This tangible satisfaction makes way for mental space, too.

If the whole dirt thing isn’t floatin’ your boat, switch it up. It can be as simple as buying a bouquet for someone who loves flowers, donate money to a nature preserve you drive by frequently, tell someone how pretty their garden is, or just stop to admire an aspect of nature for a moment. 

The whole idea here is to trust, appreciate, and connect with your gratitude through a meaningful encounter with the natural world around you. In doing so you send a clear message that you are ready to receive all that the world has to offer; just by way of being open.

Dig it!