Integral Yoga

During my years of training as a classical musician, I gradually became fascinated with the connection between my mind & body. I began studying yoga in 1996 as a means to facilitate greater physical ease during my music performance career. Little did I know that a decade of dedicated private study would lead to attending teacher training to become a yoga teacher!

The physical ease and mental calmness I found through these practices inevitably led to a desire for a more intense course of study, as well as an eagerness to share the benefits with others. In 2007 & 2008 I attended Integral Yoga Teacher Training through the Integral Yoga Academy in Yogaville, Virginia.


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About Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga is a comprehensive system for developing the individual, and was used by Dr. Dean Ornish in his work regarding reversing heart disease. The goal of my teaching style is to empower my students to access an elevated level of health and wellness.

A typical Integral Yoga class includes the following components:

  • gentle stretching-simple yoga postures provide an opportunity to improve posture, increase strength, gain muscular & joint flexibility, develop stamina, increase body awareness, and feel good in your body!
  • breathing practices-improve lung capacity, increase oxygenation of blood & brain, improve mental focus, clear sinuses, stimulate energy levels
  • guided meditations-experience greater levels of calm & peace in your everyday life as you are gently led through simple and relaxing contemplative exercises.
  • chanting and/or recorded music-listening to your preferred music or nature sounds will help you feel supported as we explore yoga together. Simple and short chanting experiences also provide a lovely opportunity to develop the intuitive aspects of your personality.
  • deep relaxation-find your inner peace at the end of each yoga practice as you are led through a calming and refreshing rest period.


Find your peace. Find your ease. Find your yoga.

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Learn with me!

Private lessons are a lovely way to intensify your practice, get some one-on-one yoga attention, and nourish your soul. I have been teaching private lessons for twenty years, and enjoy the depth and connection we share during this work. Come hang with me for a few times a month and feel the yoga love!

Of course, group classes rock, too. I teach every Monday morning through Scituate Recreation. 

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