“I have attended many many of Gita's yoga classes, session after session, weeks and months at a time.  As I told Gita some time ago I did not want to like the classes she taught because it felt too ‘slow’ for me.  I also told Gita what really galled me is the fact I felt so good, peaceful and limber after Gita's classes.  I had to admit Gita's style of yoga made me feel better than all the other yoga classes I have enrolled in.

Gita is more than just the ‘do the movements’, collect a paycheck kind of yoga instructor. Gita lives her practice. I find Gita to be creative and extremely well versed in matters of not only the body, the mind and soul as well.   learned neat books to read from Gita, I learned about the Neti pot and other cool things.  I could tell Gita spent time planning her classes. I have attended classes instructors do not plan their classes. Believe me the difference is obvious.

I have recommended Gita to many beginner yoga students because Gita is vocal about all her students working at their own pace. You will find Gita to be safe, delightful and humorous.  As if this is not enough, Gita has the voice of an angel!”

— Marj Bates


“I feel incredibly grateful that I won this competition. It is an amazing opportunity to play such an influential piece in the history of clarinet repertoire,” West said. “I don’t think I could have achieved this success without the expert guidance of my instructor, Gita Brown. Because of her, I have earned the chance to perform with an amazing professional orchestra right in my hometown.”

From Zachary West, clarinet student
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“I can think more clearly after my yoga class. Sometimes I feel like I need a chiropractor, but after my class my body feels great!”

— Nicole, age 12


“My daughter Sydney, has been doing Yoga for the Special Child with Ms. Gita for over a year. Gita’s calm and caring demeanor has helped to relax Sydney and get her to sit still. Sydney has difficulty with auditory and tactile sensory processing and is a very sensitive little girl.  Since starting Yoga for the Special Child, Sydney is more aware of her breathing and how to calm herself down with prompts from me when she starts to get overwhelmed. This is also a ‘special time’ that is just for Sydney that is not something that she ‘has’ to do such as the physical, occupational and speech therapies she is required to have during the school day. Sydney has bonded with Gita and learned to trust that doing something different is not always going to ‘hurt’. Yoga has also given her a sense of pride and accomplishment and she loves to show her grandparents her chants and yoga moves. This is a great experience that I would recommend to anyone with a special child.”



“After two great sessions of Gita’s meditative yoga classes, I have the tools to ‘just be’. I love your teaching technique, I feel we all receive individual attention. You share your extensive knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit. For this I am most grateful.”

— With best regards and respect, Kathleen P.