Have you seen this?

Hi there,

I wish I could have bottled the smell in the woods this morning! After a full night of rain and wind, all of the pine needles in the woods of Southeastern Massachusetts seemed to have dropped. During a break in the rain, my dogs and I made a break for the woods, where we walked on a thick carpet of russet needles. At one point the wind stopped blowing and an amazing, fresh and sweet pine scent swirled around us. It was luscious and lovely, the kind of scent that potpourri makers and home-scent manufacturers spend decades trying to capture. Fall is beautiful here in New England. Speaking of noticing stuff, let's move on to today's topic:

Today I'd love to give you a peek inside my brain, a glimpse into how yoga has taught me the art of noticing. Spending time on my yoga mat and in meditation has been a practice of noticing sensations and thoughts, and it's generalized into my everyday life. I'm less reactive and more prone to benevolent observation. Noticing has become a habit that serves me well.

Here's some cool stuff I've noticed this month, little signs and reminders all around me to stay connected my spirit. I usually honor these moments by taking a quick picture with my iPhone, then I use different Apps to edit them later. 

Today I'm sharing them with you, may they bring a little smile and inspiration your way!

Om Shanthi Om,

p.s. Noticing stuff is good. I'd love to hear about cool stuff you've noticed this week, leave a comment below!



I saw this one a few days before I wrote the post about how I've been using dancing to help with grief. Cute, right?! In case you missed the post, you can read it by clicking here.

I stumbled upon this one in the crazy backyard of a local shop; loved the reminder to focus on the light, especially contrasted with the random assortment of 'junk' and discarded items left moldering in this decrepit greenhouse.


And last but not least, I spotted this sign on Cape Cod tucked in a little corner of a coffee shop. It helps me remember that I'm a Divine Being in a human body, and to enjoy the beautifully flawed human experience!

Gita Brown