Quick Body & Soul Fixes-Week One!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new series, Quick Body & Soul Fixes. For the next four weeks, Jessica and I will share easy tips and inspiration for how to sprinkle your day with easy strategies for health and peace.

Today, Jessica has some inspiration to invite you to practice, and I’ve got a free mini-class you can use right at your computer to relax, refresh and recharge!

From Jessica:

Want your family to feel happier?

When I practice yoga, I feel so much better about myself, and am able to share this happiness with other people. If I’m in a really bad mood anything I do, say, or feel is clouded by darkness. Even if I give myself five minutes to do a sun salutation series, or sit and breathe quietly, I am able to pull myself from the dark place and it benefits everyone around me. After I practice I notice a difference; the kids crave my undivided attention again, and my husband doesn’t avoid my bad mood! I know it sounds crazy, but it really does work.

Jessica rocks a reverse warrior pose at Gita's home studio-feel the power and grace! 

Jessica rocks a reverse warrior pose at Gita's home studio-feel the power and grace! 

Need to feel some power? 

When I eat too much of something, chocolate mostly, I always feel guilty. I alleviate the guilt by doing some warrior poses. They are challenging and make me feel beautiful.  I know that they aren't magically burning all those extra calories, but I feel empowered knowing that I am strong and will work at my self control...the next time! 

Is your control freak showing?

I am a control freak, and yoga is teaching me to let go. For example, during a hard day when I feel that nothing I do is right and all of this negative energy is just vibrating around me and pissing everyone off, I remind myself of this little mantra: "I am not the body, I am not the mind, immortal self I am". I just love this because it helps me remember that everything is temporary. Even the mood I'm feeling, even the extra weight I'm holding because I've been eating through my stress…it’s all temporary. It's invigorating really, because we can own everything we feel, and then let it go. This is truly how I love myself and is a reminder to enjoy everyone and everything around me, because we don't know how long we have. Learning how to let go is most valuable thing I've learned in yoga thus far. 

From Gita

My friends, want to generate some health and peace right now? Join me in this quick five minute practice you can enjoy right in your chair! Relax, refresh and recharge!

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