Yoga Quick Fixes-Part 3

Welcome to part three of our series, Quick  Body & Soul Fixes!

Do you ever find yourself with pain in your neck? A tension headache stemming from tight muscles in your neck? Have no fear, Gita is here!

From Gita:

I’m no stranger to neck and shoulder pain. A combo of scoliosis and an injury here and there have left me with some wonky vertebrae in my neck, and I rely on my yoga practice to keep me pain free. I use a combination of moves that develop strength, help my bod find natural alignment, and keep my range of motion free and easy. I’ve condensed my favorite moves into this quick five minute video you can try right now. Let’s get your neck and shoulders happy and ready to groove through the day!

The video above also includes lots of nice deep cleansing breaths to fill you with peace and health. Read on to see how Jessica uses deep breaths to help her fall asleep:

From Jessica: Last night I could not fall asleep. I choose to do a series of deep cleansing breaths and immediately felt myself relax. I count my breaths so I do not lose track, and counting also occupies my crazy mind. I kept up my deep breaths for awhile, and during the last exhale last night, I actually felt the tension leave my body.  It was amazing. The next thing I knew, it was 7am and I needed to feed the masses! 


Do you know a busy mom who could benefit from a little mini-break? Forward this post to her and share the yoga love! xox

Gita Brown