Social Media Spirituality

Hello beautiful peeps!

Do you use social media, or does it use you?

Do you find yourself sucked into a landslide of news feeds that leave you sucked dry and annoyed?

Read on, we’ll share our best advice for transforming your social media use into a peaceful and healthy practice.

From Gita-Use social media with intention!

It’s everywhere, this social media thing. Most of us are connected in one way or another to social media: checking out friends on Facebook, following folks on Twitter, using Pinterest to gather visual inspiration, it’s just a part of our landscape.

    I’m Facebook user and have loved the interactions and connections it’s brought to my life. Lots of yoga and music trainings have brought me friends and connections all over the world, and I just absolutely delight in maintaining and nurturing these connections, they are absolutely precious to me!

    So I was kind of resistant to Twitter...even had an account for awhile and then left it to languish. It seemed like this endless stream of information that just left me overloaded and frazzled with useless information. It got me thinking, what do I really want to use this for?  I figured that setting an intention might shape my experience with Twitter. I decided that I would follow only those people or groups that inspired me to a higher level of consciousness, and that I would make every post something designed to bring light and love into the world. I made a shift to using Twitter as a force for all the good stuff in life.

    It’s been a few months and I’m loving the mojo this has created in my life...I’ve found inspiring articles, free downloads of uplifting music, and even found someone to help me with my rediscovered love of writing. 

From Jessica

Why I gave up Facebook for Lent

I chose to give up Facebook for Lent for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that, giving up something during Lent helps me to reconnect with my faith. It is not easy, but it reminds me that I can get along without something that I rely on, such as checking in on everyone randomly throughout the day.  Another reason is that, checking Facebook is a bad habit. Any time I get a free quiet minute, I reach for my phone. This is detrimental in two ways. One: I could use that time much more effectively than looking to see what other people are doing that sometimes makes me feel inadequate and lonely. Two: The more I do this, the more this behavior continues and turns into a barely conscious recognition of what I am doing. How many minutes are being wasted ?! Taking this time out for Lent is beneficial to me in an overall awareness of observing the present moment and being grateful for all that I have right now.

    So, how do you use Social Media?

    Do you use it, or does it use you?

    Set a firm intention for how you want to use one social media platform for the next month. Make your intention a firm sentence or word that you can use as a touchstone before you log on. Before you post, retweet, or reply, see if your online interaction matches your intention. Do this, to the best of your ability, for about a week. Then check back in and notice what has happened. How has this intention shaped your experience? 


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Gita Brown