Letting Go with Grace

The Challenge
Learning how to let go with grace. 

The Challenge Decoded
So much of our suffering comes from clinging onto that which no longer serves us. We know the drill, we've got a nasty habit that we want to change, but sometimes hanging onto it is preferable to the unknown. Or, we cling to people; we are so afraid to lose them that we begin to act all "crazy town banana pants" in an effort to keep them close! We usually end up making ourselves, and those we love, nuts in the process.

Your Takeaway
Practice letting go with small easy stuff; when we practice letting go every day, we are in training for those Big Moments when life wallops us.
The best way to practice is to take a deep breath and exhale...click the video below for three minutes of nature inspired letting go. 

Watch the video for my best quick tip for letting go...plus gorgeous New England autumn views! xox