We Won!

Hello my lovelies,

Happy Monday! As I write to you on this almost-St. Patrick's Day almost-vernal-equinox morning I’m looking out over a fresh dusting of a few inches of snow. My dogs are patiently waiting for the car to warm up so we can take a drive to a nearby cranberry bog for a morning romp in the snow and sunshine. I’m also thrilled to announce that…

Boston did it! We broke the record for snowiest winter-108.6 inches! We’ve busted all of the records since 1872 and now have total bragging rights!


Which got me thinking, how the he*# did we make it through that? The mental toll of having your life constantly disrupted and constricted by snowfall wore everyone down.

I think it was the little things that kept us going amidst the treacherous drives and endless shoveling. Here are three little things I use everyday to nourish my creativity and spirit. They are like little spiritual carrots on the end of the stick; their presence brings me back to each moment and puts a smile on my face!

1. “Seize the Day-Celebrate the Everyday Joys of Life” I love this daily calendar. Each day has a lovely drawing and quote. Click here to see it!

2. Shoyeido-My favorite incense ever. I use this daily, especially while doing yoga or while writing. Lighting it gives me a little moment of ritual, and the scent accompanies my imagination and body through my practices. Even folks who usually can’t tolerate the smoke from incense love this stuff; it’s very refined and high quality. The folks at Shoyeido have turned this into an art, which in turn supports my art, and now maybe yours, too! Click here to explore Shoyeido

3.  I take little body breaks throughout the day. It feels awesome to unfreeze the mind by moving the body; it gets creativity humming and healing blood flow activated! Here’s my favorite short routine. 


That’s all for now. The dogs have grown impatient and want to go play, and so do I!

Om Shanthi Om,

Peace to You,


Gita Brown