We Three Swans

This morning I took my dogs for a walk at a local cranberry bog. I was just putting Ranger and Zoë into the car when I heard a distinctive wrr-wrr-wrr sound overhead. I looked up, just in time to see three magnificent Mute swans fly overhead. Did you know that the wings of mute swans make a beautiful sound when they fly? The distinctive sound can carry as far as a mile! I notice that I usually hear, then see, them flying overhead around this time of year in Massachusetts. It must have to do with the cold weather; during the rest of the year I notice them in ponds; tending to their nest, feeding and floating serenely. 

What a welcome sight, these three beams of whistling light on a dreary December morning. We are heading towards the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. Perhaps they are ushering in a return of the light. Certainly, they are a magnificent and timely reminder to stop, look up, and listen to the call of our great spirit guide, Mother Nature.

Gita Brown