The only chain that does not bind


It was the last thing I expected to see, but their beauty stopped me in my tracks. A simple vase of pink and white peonies, cut that morning from the garden, sat on the kitchen table in a pool of afternoon sunshine. I had seen their vase several months before, full of flowers that I had brought to this same house. On a cold and damp Sunday,  hubby and I had visited the owners to learn about the history of the 1850 Gothic Victorian we were purchasing. I had brought some flowers as a token of gratitude, and joked with the owners that they weren’t obligated to pack the vase and haul it to their next place. We had all chuckled, then settled down into the dining room where we poured over historical maps, photos and learned the detailed renovation story of this gem of a home. Now, several months later I’ve been welcomed into my new home by a beautiful gift of showy peonies on the kitchen table. The business of moving is no easy feat; sorting, packing, finances, logistics. The simple gesture of taking time to fill the vase speaks volumes about the kindness and care of the loving former owners of what we now call Three Dog Farm.

As I write this I can pause to brush my nose into the petals and feel their softness on my cheeks. 

Small acts of kindness can surprise someone into gratefulness. This gratefulness can spread to the next person, and on and on in a chain of gratitude. Chains of gratitude do not bind us; they strengthen the energy we need to navigate the difficulties of our world. 

Gita Brown