Onion Breath

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today had all the feel of a lazy summer day; warm and sunny with those big puffs of clouds that seem to sail the sky without obscuring the sun. Plus, it was my last day teaching clarinet for this semester, so I had a bit of the kid on the last day of school feeling!


Of course, I just had to take a trip to my local nursery. You know, just to walk around, right? I have a bit of a nursery addiction, especially when it comes to locally owned places like Morrison’s in Plymouth. After getting some of the really amazing Coast of Maine Lobster Compost, birdseed, and (another) hummingbird feeder I somehow found myself wandering through the vegetables. Well, surely a few onions to harvest this fall would be nice. When The Man of the Place saw my backseat full of compost and plants he just shook his head and helped me schlep them to the very empty and very sad raised beds. As he dropped a bag of compost and brushed off his t-shirt he said, “You just couldn’t help yourself, could you, Little Miss Gita?”


He’s right, I couldn’t help myself. Can’t wait for the sun to rise tomorrow so I can stick a spade in the dirt and get planting, one onion at a time.

Gita Brown