Snakes in the Farmhouse!


Lots of rain this morning here at Three Dog Farm, which meant the doggies spent some quality time napping and lounging after their morning run. Zoë is usually in constant motion, the rain seems to be the only thing that helps her relax. I love the way she crosses her paws, such elegance!



The Man of the Place and I had our first unusual encounter at home today. As I walked into the kitchen I saw him in an awkward stance holding a soggy dishtowel. Now, I know this guy pretty well and something about his posture made me stop at the doorframe and raise my eyebrows at him. In a whisper he said, “We have a snake in the house!” Also knowing this guy pretty well helped me surmise that the only reason he whispered was in deference to the nice gentleman we hired to mount our tv over the brick fireplace. Otherwise he’d have been a bit more boisterous.

He immediately clarified his remark by explaining the it was a garter snake and harmless. When the snake, let's call him Buddy, saw the Man of the Place he reacted by slithering the full length of the kitchen and disappearing into a minuscule crack underneath the dishwasher. I can say with full certainty that we’ve checked every baseboard and cupboard with no sign of the elusive Buddy. The Man of the Place seems to think that there’s a good chance we’ll never see him again. We are both hoping, of course, that he found a way out of the house and back into the garden. Either way, we’ll chalk it up to another quiet, yet delightful, event here at Three Dog Farm.

Gita Brown