The Anxiety Cure

rosie wiggle hug

Love is the answer

Everyday should be hug your dog day! Even when they turn into a crazy love wiggle like Rosie!

 My mind is prone to anxiety—I remember when my first symptoms appeared in the fourth grade. I went to the nurse at band camp (nerd alert!) because I thought I had food poisoning, but she told me it was “all in my head” and sent me back to rehearsal.

But of course anxiety and emotions aren’t just in our heads; they activate our nervous system and effect hormone levels, breathing and heart rates, and impair digestion.

Many years of yoga and meditation have eased my symptoms, but every now and then anxiety shatters my sleep with nightmares, racing thought loops impair concentration, and my self confidence plummets. So I put my butt on the meditation cushion and chant, breathe, and concentrate. Then, the most important step: I hug my dogs! Rosie was so sweet-she’s very perceptive to human emotional behavior and wouldn’t stop wiggling and licking me until I laughed. I think she was sent to me to be my therapy dog and I’m so grateful to have my furry spiritual guide.

Love is always the best answer!

Gita Brown