Mother Nature Knows Best


Well Mother Nature has been showing off here at Three Dog Farm. The garden is beginning to take shape and I'm so relieved that the chicks are now looking like proper hens! I mean, check out those tail feathers! Hard to believe she was just a little peeping fluff of down in my palm two months ago. I'm thinking all the organic greens, oats, sunflower seeds, insects and quality feed are making for some fine feathers and good health! The Man of the Place is ready for eggs, but we've got to wait until fall for that glorious moment!

I suppose there's a lesson in this beautiful hen. Something about patience and allowing things to take their time. I think most of our anxiety comes when we want the Next Thing; which gives us temporary happiness and then we start craving the Next Thing. Perhaps it's better to just hang out in the garden with the hens and let things unfold. If you need me, I'll be in the cucumber patch.

Gita Brown