Nurture Yo Self!

Working from home today and spending just a moment reflecting on how far I’ve come at creating a nurturing lifestyle. I’ve always dreamed of living in a home where I feel closely connected to the source of all things, nature. And after years of working towards my dreams I looked up from my computer today and was like, Oh! Wham! I’m here! Let’s stop for a minute and enjoy the abundant life all around me: the plants along my windowsill, the trees outside my window that wait diligently for spring, the chickens scratching in straw for seeds, and of course the three dogs that make Three Dog Farm alive.

Because being a musician, a writer, any type of person that is brave enough to create arts means that we must nurture ourselves. In doing so we fill our battery and then can let that energy flow into our work. If our life is a work of art, then there is no separation between making coffee, taking out the trash, playing Beethoven, or writing a poem. It’s all energy. And it’s up to us to be a good conduit for this creative force!

Gita Brown