Inside Out Formula-5 Steps to Upgrade Musical Mastery


In the studio this week recording our new course coming September 2019!

My musician friends, I

f you’re a career performer, songwriter, composer, touring musician, or you sing for fun and community in your church choir I’m wondering if you’ve ever:

  • been injured from your instrument or had to rehab a different injury so you can play again?

  • ever had pain onstage that you’ve had to ignore?

  • felt creative burnout

  • had trouble transitioning from daily life into making your music

  • felt like your artistic growth meant that you had to sacrifice other areas of your life (relationships, sleep, diet, exercise!)

  • had trouble breaking through to the next level

  • worried that you won’t be able to keep performing at your highest level

  • felt disconnected from the joy you had when you first discovered music 

Oh my goodness I’ve been there, too! Overwork, long tours, and hours in the practice room take their toll. The old way teaches us to hustle, give 110%, and push in order to grow. But you can find an easier path to musical achievement and growth—the new way is to train your mind and body to balance effort and ease. Imagine what your music would be like if you felt relaxed, joyful, and had boundless energy. This is totally within your grasp! In September, I’ll be opening my online course, The Inside Out Formula. I’ll share with you five steps you can take, every day, that will enhance your wellness, creativity, and joy! I’m so pumped to share this with you in September! Talk soon, xox Gita

Gita Brown