Love is always the answer!

dad and gita at interlochen

This is me and my dad; a great chemistry professor, philosopher, and lover of opera. He has never meditated or gone to an ashram. But he radiates intelligence, presence, and unconditional love. I got to spend some time with him last month up at my alma mater, Interlochen Center for the Arts, for the conclusion of their "Create Amazing" campaign and new music building dedication. Interlochen Center for the Arts is where I discovered that a career in the arts was possible; and that it carries a responsibility to the world of expression, leadership, and creativity.

Interlochen is also where I started meditating and doing yoga. To me, yoga isn't something I “do” on occasion or just when I practice. Yoga is a state of being where you are connected to your soul. It doesn’t require an athletic body, spandex, or mala beads. You can do yoga while driving your car, hugging a friend, and especially when confronted with someone who is unkind. Yoga has enhanced my creativity, and now I get to share this in my work with Musician’s Way Yoga…life is coming full circle!

Yoga is a state of being; relaxed, natural, easeful. 

The experience with my father reminded me that love is the only answer, the only way of being worth "pursuing." Give, love, serve!

Gita Brown