A Year Full of Goodies!

Hello my beauteous friends,

I’m thrilled and excited to announce a brand new blog coming your way in January!


Shine! One Busy Mom. One Dedicated Teacher. One Year of Yoga.

Meet Jessica: a busy mom with 5 kids, a hubby, various rabbits, and an emerging delight in yoga

Meet Gita: a  dedicated teacher who loves all things yoga and music

Meet You: Come along for the ride as we take one year to explore all things yoga together!



What we've got cookin' for you:

Top Tips to Banish Anxiety

How to restore restful sleep

How a busy mom makes time to nourish herself…and music and products and breathing techniques, oh my!


Imagine, a whole year of weekly inspiration to feed your soul! For free, right to your inbox: photos, videos, and recordings will help you take action with your own ideas so your spirit can shine. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach a New Year and a New Adventure together. 


Please, share this with your friends. You never know how a tiny seed of inspiration can grow!


All love,

Gita & Jessica


Jessica is a busy wife and mom of five kids, and Gita is a yoga teacher with a passion for teaching and music. Jessica and her daughter, Jaylin, have studied yoga with Gita for four years. They’ve had way too much fun to keep for themselves, so they started this blog to give you direct access to their hearts, minds, challenges and discoveries on the path of personal evolution. All that, and no fancy-shmancy yoga pants required.