Take a Leap of Faith!



Ranger's Leap of Faith

I took this pic of my dog, Ranger Thanksgiving weekend. I've been trying all Autum to get a good photo of him leaping, mostly resulting in pics of his tail as even with my camera set to sports mode he's too darn quick. But, a little help from hubby and I finally caught the moment.  Wow! Ranger's body is charged with energy, totally in the present moment, as he leaps over the frozen channel. Yes, he made it over!

Our Leap of Faith

It's terrifying and exciting all at once, as my student Jessica and I set out to offer you a new blog starting January 2014.

Shine: One busy mom. One dedicated teacher. One year of yoga.

We are pulling back the curtain on our struggles and joys, showing how yoga has helped shape and focus our lives. Each week we'll dive into new topics such as anxiety, sleep issues, allergies, and fun stuff like our favourite yoga music, snazzy yoga products, and tips that we hope you will find useful to creating more peace and health in your own life

Come Leap with Us

To courageously leap into new territory we need your help, pretty please!

We'd love it if you share this post with friends and family, or Tweet or Facebook if that's your vibe. Encourage the folks you love to sign up on my homepage for updates every week in 2014! 
Our goal is to create a peaceful and healthy community, let's go for it!

All hearts love,
Gita & Jessica

Gita Brown