Waiting with Grace

One amazing by-product of my yoga practice over the past twenty years is the grace it’s given me to embrace all aspects of my journey. I used to be an anxiety-driven mess, pushing myself to constantly achieve external success. This left me tired, made my immune system  stressed, and turned me into a big ‘ole cranky pants. Lots of meditation and yoga practice gave me a way to ‘workshop’ these feelings, spending time observing myself and my tendencies gave me clarity and ease to let go of behaviors that weren’t serving me well. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas of how you can have similar experiences with our new blog, coming in 2014!

The Power of Waiting

These days, I do a much better job of enjoying each moment in life, especially the juicy bit where waiting occurs.

Waiting at traffic lights, waiting in store Holiday lines, waiting for an email reply to that Very Important Question, waiting for the delayed plane;

All are fodder for practice, an opportunity to take a few deep breaths, a moment to notice the sky, smile at a fellow traveler, to notice the tension of the moment and accept all of it’s sensations.

The moment the archer pulls the bow back is necessary for the arrow's flight.

Waiting is doing.

Preparation is action.

Waiting is essential. It’s the time when all of the coordination of people, events and equipment is orchestrated flawlessly by the Universe for our benefit. 

Tea always helps me wait with grace!

Tea always helps me wait with grace!

Join us in waiting with grace!

Take a deep breath, and step fully into the present moment. Take another slow, full breath. Notice the sensations that are present. Just be.

Stay tuned, 


Gita Brown