Release to our Roots

Hello my lovelies,

I got home from my three-week Advanced Teacher Training at Yogaville about two weeks ago. Since my return, I’ve been spending good bits of time getting re-acquainted with my poochies, hubby, garden, friends and colleagues. I’m also mindful as I cultivate a right relationship between my daily practices, my life as a householder and role as exuberant teacher. I’m consciously moving towards keeping awareness of my spiritual devotion in all activities. Can’t say I’ve mastered this peaceful awareness while being tail-gated in the fast lane of a Massachusetts highway yet, baby steps! 

One method that helps me find center is the practice of grounding. Each morning as I walk my dogs at the local cranberry bogs, I place my hands on the earth and exhale, imagining anything that’s no longer useful to me flowing out into the earth, and on my inhale I breathe in the stability of the earth. Over the course of the years I’ve practiced this, I’ve become aware of a subtle level of connection with the earth, helping me feel completely cleansed and refreshed after just a few minutes. 

We are in the magical land of ‘between-seasons’. It’s both Summer and Autumn, all rolled into one lovely paradox. Today as I placed my hands on the earth, I felt Mother Nature slowing down, the energy of the earth slowly releasing, compared to the the exuberant bursting forth of life I felt in spring. 

It seems to be inconsistent  that everything I’m observing in the natural world is beginning to quiet, to move from a state of abundant activity to one of gradually releasing toward a more neutral activity. Conversely, in our human lives, there is a big rush occurring: school is back in session, new classes to sign up for, kids entering into fall sports, weekends full of apple picking and last minute beach excursions, Halloween decorations already glaring from the supermarket aisles.

People seem a bit more stressed, rushed and hurried.


I’m wondering what we can do in our own lives to honor the seasonal change, while still maintaining our connection to our external obligations?

How can we foster harmony and begin to direct our energy towards our roots? Here are some ideas I'm playing with: 

  • Take time for a cup of tea or coffee on the deck.
  • Play in the dirt, otherwise known as gardening. Those weeds had a blast while I was away!
  • Take a slow stroll, saving the power walk for another time.
  • Get a little more sleep. Yes, I count power naps!
  • I’m letting go of one extra activity each week; using that time to pause, reflect and connect.
  • Go to a Farmer’s Market and savor the last of summer’s bounty & the beginning of Fall yummies.

May we all feel calm and relaxed as we move into Autumn...

Om Shanthi Om (Peace to You!),




A rock cairn I spotted at Yogaville a few years ago; balance and equanimity incarnate!

A rock cairn I spotted at Yogaville a few years ago; balance and equanimity incarnate!