Rainbows of Inspiration

Hello everyone!

As I write this there’s an amazing full double rainbow outside my window. The clouds are layered in a steel grey hue blanketing the horizon, lightening up to spun white marshmallow fluff mid-way to the heavens. In front of this backdrop is a multi-colored miracle, the unseen becoming seen by a miracle of moisture, light, and neurons willing to perceive it. Mid-way up the gleaming arch rays of lights stream downward, visible rays of clarity and inspiration. Outside the coffee shop people gather, pointing upwards, pausing to snap photos and exclaim in wonder and joy. 

I feel a bit like this rainbow in my own life these days. For many years my intention and practices have been silently gathering, my desires marrying with action again and again. Now  my intent is passing into a state where the strange alchemy of people, time, and open minds are bringing my light forth into the world in new and inspiring ways. May these offerings provide inspiration, clarity and peace.


New Creative Arts Therapies Department

I teach classical clarinet and yoga through the South Shore Conservatory in Hingham and Duxbury, Massachusetts. I’m thrilled to take on a new leadership role as Yoga Chair in our Creative Arts Therapies Department. Yoga at the South Shore Conservatory is an extension of our mission to provide quality education in the arts. Yoga is a natural art form that unites body, mind and breath  through disciplined practice, is creative and artistic in nature, and functions to develop concentration, personal expression, body awareness, improved health, emotional stability, and greater sense of overall well being. Cultivating awareness of overall states of wellness, physical ease, and mental discipline is essential to the development of each artist.

We offer Yoga for the Special Child® and Yoga for Performers. Stay tuned as we develop and grow in our service to the community. 

Scituate Yoga

Hi Scituate peeps! We are back to our weekly adult class starting Thursday 10/17/13 from 9-10am. Hope to see you on beautiful Scituate Harbor for some Om-ing and peace-making! You don't need to be a resident of Scituate to sign-up, and drop-ins are welcome! Please contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to see you in class!

Advanced Teacher Training-phew I did it!

I recently completed the Advanced Teacher Training in Integral Yoga, completing my journey to 500 hour certification. It was a mind-expanding experience, the benefits of which continue to unspool in my life. The Integral Yoga Academy recently released my video testimonial about my experiences this summer. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on at a training, or what living at an ashram is like, this video has insight for you! 


YouTube Video of the interview.


Om Shanthi Om

Peace to You,





Gorgeous shot of the rainbow, as seen at Plymouth Harbor. Photo captured by the awesome  Denise Maccaferri. 

Gorgeous shot of the rainbow, as seen at Plymouth Harbor. Photo captured by the awesome Denise Maccaferri.