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I met my partner-in-yoga-crime four years ago, and she’s simply too amazing to keep to myself! When I arrived in Massachusetts from Chicago, I was eager to share the practice of Yoga for the Special Child®, so I sought out groups that work with kids with special needs. Enter Jessica, the intrepid leader of the South Shore Buddy Walk, a celebration to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. I’ll share the rest of this story on January 2, 2014, now it’s Jessica’s turn!


Jessica bustin' a yoga pose, NYC 2013

Jessica bustin' a yoga pose, NYC 2013

Meet Jessica! 

When I am asked: “Why did you first start on your yogic journey?” I always think of Jaylin, my beautiful daughter who happens to have Down Syndrome. 

I first heard the idea of doing yoga with Jaylin when a friend mentioned that her daughter had done yoga with a teacher who studied Yoga for the Special Child®.  She said her daughter loved doing it, and that I should try it with Jaylin.  I wanted to, but therapy appointments, doctor visits, and life just got in the way.  One day, I received an email from a woman, Gita, a yoga teacher who wanted to attend the Buddy Walk I was planning. Gita was new to the area and wanted to acclimate to the special needs community as a Yoga for the Special Child® instructor. I immediately felt a strong need to have my daughter work with Gita. She agreed that we would meet up at the Buddy walk event. 

The day of the event was chaotic, and I ended up taking a time out at a playground near by with Jaylin to have some alone time. I organize this event for her, but hadn’t even seen her the whole day! While I was pushing her on the swing, I saw someone coming our way and I knew immediately that it was Gita. We met with a hug, like long lost friends, and set up a date to meet.

Over the next two years, we met weekly and Jaylin and I slowly became yogis. Jaylin was slow in the physical practice, while I was slow in everything else!  Jaylin was born to do yoga, and has benefited in infinite ways.  I feel Gita was brought to us to help nudge me into a peaceful and healthy lifestyle…

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