My best Christmas Gift Ever!

This past Thursday evening I had the absolute delight of welcoming Jessica and her happy kid, Jaylin, into my studio for a Yoga for the Special Child® class. Jessica  and I hugged and reminisced about the first days I taught Jaylin, four years ago. Back in 2009, with Jessica anxiously looking on, Jaylin and I worked together. She was quiet, withdrawn, and content to let me move her body in and out of poses. During those early days I celebrated each moment that Jaylin entered into the practice, whether it was a fleeting moment of eye contact or one deep breath, I silently cheered and did my best to show Jessica the subtle shifts I observed. I knew that given time and patience, Jaylin would bloom.

Over four years of yoga, Jaylin has truly blossomed. For two years I taught this amazing kid, then Jessica took over once she became certified in Yoga for the Special Child®, with me cheering them on in a consultant role. A few weeks ago we realized video recordings would no longer suffice, and we agreed it was time for me to teach Jaylin a class. I entered the session with no expectations, but my heart broke wide open in joy as I watched Jaylin rock her yoga class. From her beautiful chanting, enthusiastic breath work, her skill at imitating poses, to her closing deep relaxation she followed my instructions with enthusiasm and full attention. The sweet little hug she gave me at the end was pretty awesome, too!

Jaylin and Santa!

Jaylin and Santa!

Jaylin gave me my best Christmas gift ever last week. Seeing the beauty, strength, joy, transcendent awareness and love embodied by Jaylin affirmed all that I know to be true.

Yoga works.

Love works.

Patience works.

Connection works.

Faith works. 



May your Christmas be full of Love and Light,


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