Our Final Post

Jessica & I started on our one-year blogging adventure last December with a clear mission:

Jessica is a busy wife and mom of five kids, and Gita is a yoga teacher with a passion for teaching and music. Jessica and her daughter, Jaylin, have studied yoga with Gita for four years. They’ve had way too much fun to keep for themselves, so they started this blog to give you direct access to their hearts, minds, challenges and discoveries on the path of personal evolution. All that, and no fancy-shmancy yoga pants required.

From Gita-my biggest takeaway from a year of blogging:

I’ve observed how hungry people are for spiritually guided information and connection. I quietly observed and noticed how you have interacted with the material; comments in passing at the coffee shop, replies on Facebook and shares on Twitter, flagging me down in the hallway at school or the yoga studio to share a thought and hug, heartfelt email replies and comments left at the blog. Nothing went unnoticed!

All of the comments boil down to three simple statements: me too, thank you, and more please.

I hear you. You want more and I’m going to bring it.


What’s Next: Calling all seekers, stay tuned for March 2015!

A completely redesigned website that’s inspiring, fun, interactive and full of tools for you to nurture your creative spirit.

  • More videos. 
  • More audio that you can download and listen to anywhere-in the car, on the train or while you wait to pick up the kidlets at school. 
  • More pretty inspiring pictures-yay! 
  • Of course, more written posts from my heart to yours


A final note of gratitude from Gita: 

My dedication to bringing quality spiritual and creative content to you demands that I keep my game humming along-I’ve gotta keep up my daily meditation, breathing practice and physical yoga practice. I attend trainings and workshops so I keep my inspiration high. I study yogic texts and philosophy so my well is full of clarity and love. Working with you helps me work on myself. 

  • Thank you for letting me do so publicly and for each supportive comment and gesture.
  • Thank you for forcing me to be diligent in sharing my vulnerabilities and pain.
  • Thank you for listening.
  • Thank you for sharing these musings with your friends and family.

We are a small but mighty band of people who want love, clarity, to be of service, enjoy our creativity, and to spend time with people like us. 

A final note from Jessica:

Writing can be a great source of healing, and rereading what you’ve previously written can take healing to a whole new level.  As I sat down to prepare for my last post, I went back and reread all of the posts since last January.  My first thought was that I feel stagnant, that my growth hasn’t changed and I do not have anything new to reflect upon. Then I read the things that I wrote, and I realized I might be a little too hard on myself….no surprise there!  The biggest lesson I will ever learn is that I am never done learning, I will never know everything. That is not my job. My job is to be open to everything that comes to me and to learn something every single day, sometimes even the same things over and over again. 

Writing is a great tool to remember who I am, the words of my heart are written so that I can recognize how far I’ve come. Even better, if someone else reads my words and finds guidance, hope and connection, then I, too, am healed.

Gita Brown