Kicking Anxiety in the A*#

Happy New Year!

As I write this the wind is whipping around my little cottage in the pine woods of Massachusetts, the temp is forecasted to fall from a balmy 50°F to 18°F overnight! The birds are going crazy at the feeder, an adorable white breasted nuthatch is creeping up and down the tree directly outside my window, and the dogs are snoring mightily, tired from their run in the woods this morning. I’m sipping on a freshly extracted juice; carrots, beet, cucumber, apple and ginger. Life is good!

I’ve been dealing with anxiety lately...

I spent a portion of my holiday break reflecting on the nasty little bits of negativity that are holding me back; I spent time watching my twins of destruction, named “Anxiety” and “Insecurity”. They feed on each other and love it when I neglect my meditation and yoga practice, they especially love it when I start comparing myself to other people. I found myself at The Dubar Tea Shop one afternoon with two lovely and supportive friends. I set down my cup of apricot tea and left my scone with whipped cream lonely on the plate as I squeezed out a teary confession that I’ve been completely wracked with insecurity over my new adventures; developing a new website, writing a book, planning a future business. It all feels so darn scary and uncertain, I fear my creative voice drifting along on the wind, with no one’s ear turned towards me to catch my whispered dreams. I was in a full-on anxiety spiral and it felt really great to admit it. After bravely returning to my neglected scone, my friends assured me my voice is valued, needed and that I must sally forth. Their words, and the heaps of whipped cream, helped turn me back towards the light.

My Spirit Guides Kick Anxieties A*#

After my tea spree, I was still prone to fits of unreasonable crying and wicked insecure thoughts like “I’m crazy to write a book, I’m a musician, why don’t I just perform again and let this go”, “I’ll never get published like so-and-so, why bother?” and on and on…

In a fit of disgust, I retreated to my yoga mat. I took time to breath into all of the dark places, to feel the pain in my body, and to simply be with myself without judgement. After an hour of moving and breathing, I was ready for higher guidance. I have a deck of spirit cards I’ve been using for years: I ask a question, shuffle the cards, settle my mind, and pull a card. This particular deck has been spot on for years. Even when it’s not what I want to hear, it always seems to guide me to what I need to hear. My guardian angels and helper guides flow right through these cards, I trust this wisdom completely. I used a pull of three cards; the first card tells you the best way to approach the problem, the second card tells how to shift the energy to a higher vibration, and the third tells you what you may be overlooking. 


When I asked “how can I handle my anxiety over my new creative projects”. The first card said simply “Detox”


I burst out laughing because the hubby and I had been talking about a juice cleanse, and figuring out the best way and time to do one! This card was confirmation of what I already knew to be true from previous juice cleanses; that a clean diet helps my emotions regulate, gives me clean and clear energy, clears the clutter in my cells and curbs my anxiety. A clean and balanced body and mind is essential for my creativity! And if I’m gonna make it through the marathon of writing a literary memoir, I’m gonna need a whole lotta support via my green juice!




Detox 101

Here’s what I’m drinking today. 5 (drank one already!) freshly extracted juices. Think all the fresh goodness, infused directly into your cells of: cucumber, zucchini, fennel, pineapple, apply, avocado, beets, carrots, ginger, romaine lettuce, celery. Yes! I’ll be enjoying this juice cleanse for 5 days, and blog along the way to show you what I learn!

Do you have questions?

I’d love to know your questions, leave a comment and I’ll tailor my next post to your needs!

Gita Brown