Detox Decoded

Hello my sweet lovelies,

Today I’m writing you from the East Village in fabulous New York. I’m in a second floor apartment overlooking the rainy intersection of Greenwich St and W11th, right next door to the famous restaurant, The Spotted Pig

Outside of my open window sheets of rain are blowing by, a cool breeze is drifting in, bringing with it splashy sounds of tires on pavement, the chattering of sparrows and the requisite nyc sirens. There is a stunning magnolia tree in full bloom just outside my bedroom window, it’s pink saucer flowers are dancing ecstatically in the rain.Other trees are popping out their first excited green buds, and if I tilt my head I can see the lacy white blooms of a pear tree around the corner. It’s a trendy yet residential locale, I’m watching a parade of umbrellas go by as parents walk their kids to school and people head off to work, coffee cups in hand. A woman in a rain slicker is shepherding a herd of dogs, 5 in all, as they happily trot with noses raised to scent the cool air.

I’m here for a little creative infusion and yoga retreat, attending classes at the Integral Yoga Institute in Chelsea , hanging out with friends and taking in a bird watching tour in Central Park-did you know that it’s a birding hot-spot? Migrating birds stop there in droves! 

During this first blush spring, bunches of students and friends have been asking me about cleansing. So, here’s a start….

The Challenge

To shake off winter sludge in all of its forms: mental, physical and emotional. To break patterns of unconscious and unproductive eating. To feel as vibrant as spring.

The Challenge Decoded:

I’m a big fan of a 1, 3 or 5 day juice/smoothie cleanse to keep the bad sh#* out and put the good sh#* in. Overall, you must do that which you know you’ll do. If juice only seems intimidating, just do juice and smoothies until dinner, then have a clean dinner i.e. Salad or veggies with whatever protein rocks your world. If you’re super hungry during your cleanse, have a cup of herbal tea, or go ahead and have a small handful of nuts or some fruit. The only cleanse that works is the one that you’ll actually do. 


Here are some resources to get you started:

1. Need help? Just want someone to make it for you?

This is a great way to go, especially if you’re in the rush hour of life and time is a major factor. Juice is very on-trend right now, juice bars are popping up like tulips. If you live somewhere without access to a juice bar, no worries, some companies will deliver to your door! If you’re on the South Shore of Massachusetts, here are a few local option.:

        Green Light-they offer a cleanse, everyday you just stop by and pick up a cooler full of juice and away you go. Their wheatgrass is organic, I don’t believe their juices are organic, though. My personal favorite is their classic Green Light juice-light and refreshing! They have six South Shore locations.

        The Juice Barn in Norwell offers cleanses as well. They are 100% organic, and they use a cold press, which means that their juice has maximum nutrition and a longer shelf life.

2. Are you a do-it-yourselfer?

Run, don’t walk to this lady, Kris Carr. A wellness warrior and cancer thriver, I own every book she’s written and find her a continual source of inspiration.

Jason Vale is also fun and informative. I’ve used this ap, his 5 day juice cleanse. His daily videos got me enthusiastic about cleansing, and kept me enthusiastic during the cleanse. 

Your Takeaway

“Take it easy, but take it.” Studs Terkel

Keep it simple, and pamper yourself while on your cleanse. Schedule a massage, manicure, a walk with friends or anything that makes you shine. You are worth the effort, your radiant presence will elevate everyone around you!