#1 Tip for Creative Inspiration

Today I'm writing you from my cozy kitchen in Southeastern Massachusetts. The dogs have settled in for their post-hike nap, and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet before the chimney guys arrive. We're hoping that the family of squirrels that nested all winter long in our defunct chimney have vacated as a result of the stinky deterrent the guys threw at their nest, and that we'll have a fully functioning chimney by nightfall! Living close to nature means finding a way to peacefully share our property with all manner of critters: coyote, fox, squirrel, birds, deer, and our neighbors goofy Labrador Retriever!


The Challenge

To find a way to inspire your creativity when you feel stuck.

The Challenge Decoded:

Look no farther than a walk! Find out what Beethoven, Steve Jobs and Charles Dickens all experienced: walking stimulates and moderates your creative flow.

Your Takeaway-watch this quick video to get you inspired now!