Happy Autumn Equinox!

Little treat for you today, a quick two minute video straight from the forest, designed to help you balance and calm your energy as we move into Autumn.

Today is an awesome day to take stock, slow down, and honor the fruits of your labors during the past year.

If we take a cue from Mother Nature, the leaves are dropping as trees draw their energy into their root systems in preparation for cooler weather. In the same way, we can take a few moments today to inhale deeply, draw our energy down the center of our body where it will purify our hearts and help ground our energy. The intentions we sow in this sacred breath will come forth when the light returns with the Winter Solstice in December.

I encourage you to take a few moments today; have a cup of tea, take a walk after dinner, wander over to the nearest window and relax with the sun on your face. Each time you return to your breath, you purify your heart, which in turn will help you manifest your dreams.

Om Shanthi Om
Peace to You

p.s. if you love this kinda thing, I highly recommend the work of Ted Andrews. Two of his books are at my bedside and are important reference books in my cottage. Animal Speak and Nature Speak. Click here to learn more.