Crazy stuff I googled this week...

The girls taking their first steps out of the hen house and into their run!

The girls taking their first steps out of the hen house and into their run!

The learning curve is pretty steep and rapid here at Three Dog Farm-figuring it out as I go! There's been a whole lotta googling going on! Check it out:

1. Google search: When to move baby chicks to the outside coop? (Answer: when they are “fully feathered”)

2. Google search: What the f#@* does a “fully feathered” chicken look like? 

3. Google search: Is it normal for young chickens to sleep in a pile? (Answer: yup.)

4. Google search: How can I monitor my chickens while they are in the coop? (Answer: led me down an message board worm-hole.)

5. Amazon almost-purchase: baby monitor (Decided against it. Felt too much like crazy-chicken lady. Girls, you’re on your own out there.)

6. Google search: How to predator proof a chicken run (searched after a fox killed a squirrel twenty yards from the chicken run)

7. Google search: Can foxes chew through chicken wire? (Answer-heck yeah, use something stronger)

8. Google search: What does a vinca vine look like? (Answer: exactly like the vine that’s a ground cover in their run)

9. Google search: Is Vinca vine poisonous to chickens? Like, how poisonous? If they eat a leaf should I panic or are they smart enough to not consume mass quantities of something that will kill them? (Answer-they are actually pretty smart but they since it’s in their run and it’s a hallucinogen you might want to hack it back a bit…otherwise I may have a bunch of chickens taking a psychedelic trip. Yikes!)

10. Google search: Raising ducks on a hobby farm (Uh-oh….😂🤪😂)

Gita Brown